Am I covering it up well?

Inspired by The Pandemic and Beyond. Written and performed by Ronald Amanze, with backing vocals by Nicola London.

Hippy hi ho (Smiles I once had)

Lyrics by Patrick Ettenes. Music by Ronald Amanze, with vocals by Patrick Ettenes and Pam.

I found the courage

Lyrics and music written and performed by Ronald Amanze.

Lockdown in the Sound

Lyrics: Anthony Caleshu and Mariko Naga. From Poetry and Covid-19, eds. Anthony Caleshu and Rory Waterman. Music and arrangement of lyrics: Ronald Amanze. Vocals: Ronald Amanze and G. Redfarn.

My Special Friend

Inspired by Pandemic and Beyond. Lyrics and Music by Ronald Amanze, with vocals by Nicola London.

Poetry and Covid

Lyrics: Rodney Wood (“Points of Departure”), Andrew Button (“Two Poems”) and Chris Davison (“Last Year”). Submitted to Poems from Ovid to Covid (Poetry and Covid project: Anthony Caleshu and Rory Waterman). Piano: Daniel. Voice: Pamela. Arranged and produced by Ronald Amanze.