Bridging Distance in the Creative Industries

Digital Performance

This group of projects catalogues, analyses, and evaluates the tremendous advances in digital innovation, which artists and stakeholders in the creative industries have made during the pandemic.

Analogue Performance and Creative Industry Structures

These projects have examined how hybrid modes of performance, and new, more responsive structures in the creative industries, have offered unique opportunities to address structural inequalities and exclusions in the sector.

Libraries and Heritage Sites/Experiences

Arts and humanities projects have focused on how libraries and heritage sites/experiences have re-calibrated engagement and practice in response to the pandemic.

Museums and Exhibitions

This group of projects have traced and analysed the considerable impact of the pandemic on the museums sector, offering a macro view of museum vitality and investigation of how museum strategies and practices have responded to the pandemic’s restrictions.

Digital Performance

Collaborative Solutions for the Performing Arts

A Telepresence Stage

Professor Paul Sermon
(University of Brighton)

Digital Theatre Transformation

A Case Study and Digital Toolkit for Small to Mid-Scale Theatres in England

Professor Pascale Aebischer
(University of Exeter)

The New Real

Trust and Acceptance in Networked Online Experience to Enable and Support Post-COVID-19 Recovery

Dr Drew Hemment
(University of Edinburgh)

Analogue Performance and Creative Industry Structures

Far Apart UK

Looking Beyond Lockdown – How UK Arts Organisations Can Continue To Support Young People’s Wellbeing During COVID-19

Professor Paul Heritage
(University of London)

HEartS Professional

The Health, Economic and Social Impact of COVID-19 on Professionals in the Arts

Professor Aaron Williamon
(Royal College of Music, London)

Impacts of COVID-19 on the cultural sector and implications for policy

Professor Ben Walmsley
(Centre for Cultural Value, University of Leeds)

Outside the Box

Open-air performance as a pandemic response

Dr Evelyn O’Malley
(University of Exeter)

Performing Leadership Differently

Co-creating Collective Strategies for Change

Dr Amitabh S Rai
(Queen Mary University of London)

Re-inventing the live event

Dr Sarah Pogoda
(Bangor University)

Responding to and modelling the impact of COVID-19 for sheffield’s cultural ecology

A case study of impact and recovery

Professor Vanessa Toulmin
(University of Sheffield)

Libraries and Heritage Sites/Experiences

Downloading a New Normal

Privacy, exclusion, and information behaviour in public library digital services use during COVID.

Dr David McMenemy
(University of Glasgow)


Digital, Regeneration and Experience Economy Modelling

Professor Jane Harris
(University of the Arts, London)

UK literary heritage sites and COVID-19

Measuring impact, enhancing resilience, and learning lessons

Dr David Rudrum
(University of Huddersfield)


Digital footprints and search pathways

Working with National Collections in Scotland during COVID-19 lockdown to design future online provision

Professor Gobinda Gopal Chowdhury
(University of Strathclyde)

Making it FAIR

Understanding the Lockdown ‘Digital Divide’ and the Implications for the Development of UK Digital Infrastructures

Professor Julian Richards
(University of York)

Museums, crisis and COVID-19

Vitality and vulnerabilities

Professor Elizabeth Crooke
(Ulster University)

UK museums during the COVID-19 crisis

Assessing risk, closure, and resilience

Professor Fiona Candlin
(Birkbeck, University of London)

Visitor Interaction and Machine Curation in the Virtual Liverpool Biennial

A Towards a National Collection Covid-19 Project

Dr Leonardo Impett
(Durham University)