Coping creatively: Arts, Health and Wellbeing

Communities and Wellbeing

This group of projects focuses on the impact of arts organisations and grassroots groups on supporting societal wellbeing, mental health and social support issues arising in the pandemic.

Spaces and Places

This group of projects identify and examine the spatial, geographical and developmental disparities experienced in the pandemic, but also how spaces and places connected diverse communities.

Communities and Wellbeing

Brainwaves: Accessing creative cultural activity for people living with brain injury through and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic
Professor Carmine Pariante – King’s College London

Combatting social isolation through creative and community engagement: Community COVID
Professor Helen Chartterjee – University College London

Covid in Cartoons: Empowering a thick narrative of the crisis by promoting cultural literacy and diversity amongst vulnerable young people
Dr Fransiska Louwagie – University of Leicester

COVID-19 CARE. Culture and the Arts from Restriction to Enhancement: Protecting Mental Health in the Liverpool City Region
Professor Josie Billington – University of Liverpool

Creative Doodle Book: Developing Inclusive Arts Engagement during Physical Distancing
Professor Matthew Reason – York St John University

Culture Box: Using multisensory culture boxes to promote public health and guidance and to support the wellbeing of people with dementia in care homes
Professor Victoria Tischler – University of Exeter

Distanced Arts: Investigating the design, delivery and impacts of Entelechy Arts’ Staying Connected programme
Dr Janelle Jones – Queen Mary University of London

Far Apart UK: Looking beyond lockdown to understand how UK arts organisations can continue to support young people’s wellbeing during COVID-19
Professor Paul Heritage – Queen Mary University of London

Optimising cultural provision to improve older people’s wellbeing through social prescribing in the context of COVID-19: Realist review and evaluation
Dr Kamal Ram Mahtani – University of Oxford

Poets Respond to Covid-19: Collaborative UK and International Poetry Project
Professor Anthony Caleshu – University of Plymouth

Social Distance, Digital Congregation: British Ritual Innovation under COVID-19
Dr Joshua Edelman – Manchester Metropolitan University

Spaces and Places

Libraries in Lockdown: Scottish public libraries and their role in community cohesion and resilience during lockdown
Professor Peter Reid – Robert Gordon University

Local food-growing initiatives respond to the Covid-19 crisis: enhancing well-being, building community for better futures
Dr Les Levidow – Open University

Nature’s Way: Co-Creating Methods for Innovating Nature-based Solutions for Public Health and Green Recovery in a Post-COVID world
Dr Qian Sun – Royal College of Art

Social Distancing and Reimagining City Life: Performative strategies and practices for response and recovery in and beyond lockdown
Dr Patrick Duggan – Northumbria University

Supporting healthcare professionals through Covid-19: understanding how arts-based methods can support non-verbal communication
Dr Suzy Wilson – Queen Mary University of London

Walking Publics/Walking Arts: walking, wellbeing and community during Covid-19
Professor Deirdre Heddon – University of Glasgow