Libraries in lockdown: Scottish public libraries and their role in community cohesion and resilience

About the project

This research examined Scottish Public Libraries and their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, it explored the ways in which they have, through their digital offerings, helped to support community resilience and cohesion. It also examined the challenges that faced libraries during lockdown. Methods used included social media analysis, alongside interviews with library service managers.

Findings related to the closure of physical services and the migration to digital provision, the contributions made to local communities and to health and wellbeing, the importance of maintaining a balance between physical and digital provision, governance, and implications for re-opening services.

In the resulting report recommendations were offered around the need for a national conversation about digital content provision in public libraries and the role played by libraries as digital enablers.

Principal Investigator

Professor Peter Reid
(Robert Gordon University)

Project Report

Bridging Distance in the Creative Industries

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