Case Studies

Combatting Gendered, Sexual and Online Harms and Risks During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Developing Resources for Young People, Parents and Schools

Professor Kaitlynn Mendes
(University of Leicester)


Culture and the Arts, from Restriction to Enhancement: Protecting Mental Health in the Liverpool City Region

Professor Josie Billington
(University of Liverpool)

Cultural Translation and Interpreting of COVID-19 Risks among London’s Migrant Communities

Dr Nana Sato-Rossberg
(School of Oriental and African Studies)

Culture Box

Remote and Digital Delivery of Arts and Creative Activities to Improve the Wellbeing of People with Dementia in Care Homes

Professor Victoria Tischler
(University of Exeter)

Culture in Crisis

Centre for Cultural Value’s COVID-19 research

Professor Ben Walmsley
(Centre for Cultural Value, University of Leeds)

Documentation of Life during COVID-19

Understanding (Lack of) Touch from a Deafblind Perspective

Dr Azadeh Emadi
(University of Glasgow)


Combatting covid-19 conspiracy theories

Professor Peter Knight
(University of Manchester)

Models of equitable distribution of vaccines in international law

Dr Mark Eccleston-Turner
(Keele University)

Outside the Box

Open-air performance as a pandemic response

Dr Evelyn O’Malley
(University of Exeter)

Redesigning PPE

Enhancing the comfort and safety of healthcare workers wearing isolation gowns to treat patients with COVID-19

Professor Katherine Townsend
(Nottingham Trent University)

Scenes of shame and stigma in COVID-19

Professor Luna Dolezal, Dr Arthur Rose, and Dr Fred Cooper
(University of Exeter)