Ethics, Law and Governance

Ensuring Respect for Human Rights in Locked-Down Care Homes
Professor Wayne MartinĀ 

Children, acceptable health risks and COVID-19: Ethical guidance for a fair policy response – Dr Sapfo Lignou

When pandemic and everyday ethics collide: supporting ethical decision-making in maternity care and paediatrics during the Covid-19 pandemic
Dr Lucy Frith 

COVID-19:  The ethical Exit Strategy: the path from relaxing measures to vaccination
Dr Alberto Giubilini 

UK Ethics Accelerator: Coordinating and Mobilising Ethics Research Excellence to Inform Key Challenges in a Pandemic Crisis
Ilina Singh 

Assessing the viability of access and benefit-sharing models of equitable distribution of vaccines in international law
Dr Mark Eccleston-Turner 

An Urgent Review of Single Source Procurement During the Pandemic: Recommendations for Best Practice and Reform
Dr Luke Butler 

Observatory for Monitoring Data-Driven Approaches to Covid-19 (“OMDDAC”)
Dr Marion Oswald 

Pandemic Review: Rights and Accountability in COVID-19 (CVRO)
Fiona de Londras 

Lex-Atlas: Covid-19: A Comparative Study of National Legal Responses to COVID-19
Prof Jeff King/Dr. Octavio Luiz Motta Ferraz 

The Role of Good Governance and the Rule of Law in Building Public Trust in Data-Driven Responses to Public Health Emergencies
Dr Jan van Zyl Smit 

Fraud During a Pandemic: Identifying and Appraising New Challenges for the Criminal Justice Response in England and Wales
Dr Jennifer Collins