Fraud During a Pandemic

About the project

It has been suggested that the global health pandemic has set into motion a similar pandemic of fraud. This project has investigated the rapidly changing nature of fraud during COVID-19 – how it can be understood and mapped by criminal lawyers. The research has considered whether the current landscape for criminalising fraud is fit for purpose. It identifies principles for future governance. The research has found a pressing need for further research and engagement with key non-academic bodies responsible for governing fraud in order to inform current moves for reform and review.

Key policy recommendations include:

  • An approach to prosecutorial guidance that minimises the role of conspiracy to defraud.
  • Greater transparency in the data relating to conspiracy to defraud, (including publication of disaggregated charging figures).
  • Prompt publication of meeting minutes of the Economic Crime Strategic Board, alongside updates and increased clarity around the information that will feed into development of anti-fraud plans.

Principal Investigator

Dr Jennifer Collins
(University of Bristol Law School)

Policy Brief

Governance: Ethics, Data and Procurement


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