Governance: Ethics, Data and Procurement

During the pandemic, AHRC-funded research has examined questions relating to legal and ethical preparedness and responsiveness within health and social care and in government. Studies cover public sector procurement, COVID-19 related fraud, the use and management of data by the public sector, and vaccine development, uptake and delivery. They have identified a need for cross-departmental government responses and national frameworks to deal with some of the most complex issues.

Researchers have considered pressing ethical issues including around human rights and inequalities faced by those using and working within the health and care system and how these affect access to care and treatment and working conditions.

Findings will be relevant for policymakers wanting to build public trust and to implement processes and regulation to ensure good and equitable governance across a wide spectrum of national and local contexts, as well as for those responsible for planning and delivering future emergency responses.


An Urgent Review of Single Source Procurement During the Pandemic

Recommendations for Best Practice and Reform

Dr Luke Butler
(University of Nottingham)

Combatting Gendered, Sexual and Online Harms and Risks During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Developing Resources for Young People, Parents and Schools

Professor Kaitlynn Mendes
(University of Leicester)

Fraud During a Pandemic

Identifying and Appraising New Challenges for the Criminal Justice Response in England and Wales

Dr Jennifer Collins
(University of Bristol Law School)

Models of equitable distribution of vaccines in international law

Dr Mark Eccleston-Turner
(Keele University)

Nursing Narratives

Racism and the Pandemic

Professor Anandi Ramamurthy
(Sheffield Hallam University)


The Observatory for Monitoring Data-Driven Responses to COVID-19

Dr Marion Oswald
(Northumbria University)

Reset Ethics

Supporting Ethical Decision-Making in Maternity Care and Paediatrics During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr Lucy Frith
(University of Liverpool)

Stay Home Stories

Rethinking the Domestic During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Professor Alison Blunt
(Queen Mary University of London)

The COVID-19 Review Observatory

Tracking Parliaments’ Performance in the UK during the Pandemic

Professor Fiona de Londras
(Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham)

UK Pandemic Ethics Accelerator

Professor Ilina Singh
(University of Oxford)