Pandemic and Beyond Podcasts

The Pandemic and Beyond podcasts showcase the vital contribution that Arts and Humanities research has made to Covid-19 response and recovery. In each episode, a member of our team speaks to a project leader and someone that their project has had an impact on to find out about how their research is helping us deal with the impacts of the pandemic. The podcasts are available to listen to right here, or on Spotify.

Episode 5: Arts, public health and wellbeing in care homes – The Culture Box project with Victoria Tischler and Errol Francis

In this episode of the Pandemic and Beyond podcast, Sarah Hartley speaks to Professor Victoria Tischler and Dr Errol Francis about their AHRC-funded project ‘Culture Box’ which promotes social interaction and public health through the arts in the time of Covid-19 for people living with dementia in care homes. They speak about how the provision of innovative arts activities during the pandemic can alleviate loneliness and improve wellbeing. 

You can find out more about the Culture Box project here, and you can follow the team on Twitter here, and Instagram here

Episode 4: Trust, Communication and Twitter during the Pandemic with Andrew Kehoe and Robert Lawson

In this episode of the Pandemic and Beyond podcast, Des Fitzgerald speaks to Dr Andrew Kehoe and Dr Robert Lawson about their work gathering and analysing over 84 million pandemic-related tweets as part of their AHRC-funded research project ‘TRAC:COVID – Trust and Communication: A Coronavirus Online Visual Dashboard’. They speak about the process of making the data available to all via their dashboard and discuss what the dashboard can tell us about the online conversation surrounding Covid-19, attitudes to public health interventions, and the spread of misinformation.  

You can find out more about the TRAC: Covid project here and you can follow the team on Twitter here. 

You can explore the dashboard here.

You can access The Conversation piece on the project here.

Download a transcript of this episode here.

Episode 3: Human Rights in Care Homes with Professor Wayne Martin and Angela Rhodes

In this episode of the Pandemic and Beyond podcast, Victoria Tischler talks to Professor Wayne Martin, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Essex and Angela Rhodes, Deputy General Manager at Woodleigh House Care Home, Healey Care Ltd., about the impact of Covid-19 on care homes and their residents. Angela speaks about the challenges she has personally faced as Deputy General Manager of a Care Home during the pandemic, and reflects on the support provided by Rapid Response Webinars run by the Essex Autonomy Project, led by Professor Martin. Professor Martin also speaks about his AHRC-funded research project “Ensuring Respect for Human Rights in Locked-Down Care Homes” and how it seeks to improve the protection of human rights in care homes.

Download a transcript of the episode here.

Episode 2: Arts, Culture and Mental Health with Josie Billington, Lucy Geddes and Helen Wilson

In this episode of the Pandemic and Beyond podcast, Pascale Aebischer talks to Professor Josie Billington (University of Liverpool), Lucy Geddes (Liverpool Philharmonic) and Helen Wilson (The Reader) about the impact that restricted access to arts and culture during Covid-19 has had on mental health. Professor Billington speaks about the work that her AHRC project “COVID-19 CARE: Culture and the Arts, from Restriction to Enhancement: Protecting Mental Health in the Liverpool City Region” is undertaking to understand the relationship between access to culture and mental health in the Liverpool region, with Lucy Geddes and Helen Wilson speaking about their experiences of providing arts to communities within Liverpool during the pandemic.

Download a transcript of the episode here.

You can find out more about the Covid-19 CARE project here, you can read about The Reader here, and about the Liverpool Philharmonic here.

Episode 1: Digital Theatre Transformation with Lucy Askew and Pascale Aebischer

In this first episode of the Pandemic and Beyond podcast, Des Fitzgerald speaks to Lucy Askew, Chief Executive of Oxford-based Creation Theatre and Pascale Aebischer, Professor of Shakespeare and Early Modern Performance at the University of Exeter. Pascale and Lucy were collaborators on a recent AHRC-funded Covid-19 rapid response project that investigated the way that Creation Theatre and their collaborators, Big Telly Theatre Company, adapted their in-person production of The Tempest to a digital production delivered via Zoom in the early days of the pandemic. They reflect on how the company faced the challenges of the pandemic, the impact the digital production had on the artists and audiences, the impact the research had on their practice, and on what the future of digital performance might look like as restrictions lift. 

You can download a transcript of the podcast here.

Access the final research report and digital toolkit for free.

Find out more about Creation Theatre and their upcoming performances.

Find out more about Big Telly Theatre.