Lex-Atlas COVID-19: A Comparative Study of National Legal Responses to COVID-19

About the project Lex-Atlas aimed to provide an integrated overview of national legal responses to COVID-19. It analysed how countries deployed emergency legislation within their constitutional and socio-political contexts and examined how different forms of disruption, or variations in social policy coverage and care of human rights ensued. It attempted a neutral account of the […]

Ensuring respect for human rights in locked down care homes.

About the project This research examined and interrogated decision making and working practices in care homes under lockdown, with a view to understanding how to embed robust human rights in care settings in the context of the extraordinary pressures created by the COVID-19 public health emergency. The research was conducted as an extension of the […]


Pandemic & Beyond Response to Draft Terms of Reference for the UK COVID-19 Inquiry

Submitted 7 April 2022. This response to the COVID-19 inquiry draft terms of reference consultation is based on evidence drawn from a meta-analysis and ethics review of pandemic impact research, which has been jointly commissioned by the UK Pandemic Ethics Accelerator and Pandemic & Beyond, two UKRI/AHRC funded initiatives. The review is intended for submission […]

The Covid-19 Review Observatory: Tracking Parliaments’ Performance in the UK during the Pandemic

About the project The Covid-19 Review Observatory records, tracks and assesses how parliaments across the UK have held governments to account for human rights protection during the pandemic. Focusing primarily on the making of legislation, regular opportunities for review and scrutiny (such as question time or scrutiny of delegated legislation), and ad hoc reviews (like […]

Fraud During a Pandemic

About the project It has been suggested that the global health pandemic has set into motion a similar pandemic of fraud. This project has investigated the rapidly changing nature of fraud during COVID-19 – how it can be understood and mapped by criminal lawyers. The research has considered whether the current landscape for criminalising fraud […]

Governance: Ethics, Data and Procurement

During the pandemic, AHRC-funded research has examined questions relating to legal and ethical preparedness and responsiveness within health and social care and in government. Studies cover public sector procurement, COVID-19 related fraud, the use and management of data by the public sector, and vaccine development, uptake and delivery. They have identified a need for cross-departmental […]

Models of equitable distribution of vaccines in international law

About the project This project sought to understand why low and middle income countries (LMICs) received significantly fewer vaccines in the pandemic and to understand if legal and policy options open to the World Health Organisation could improve this clear injustice. The project team evaluated in real time international efforts to secure improved vaccine access […]

Ethics, Law, and Governance

An Urgent Review of Single Source Procurement During the Pandemic: Recommendations for Best Practice and ReformDr Luke Butler – University of Nottingham Assessing the viability of access and benefit-sharing models of equitable distribution of vaccines in international lawDr Mark Eccleston-Turner – Keele University Children, acceptable health risks and COVID-19: Ethical guidance for a fair policy responseDr Sapfo […]

An Urgent Review of Single Source Procurement During the Pandemic: Recommendations for Best Practice and Reform

About the project This project has investigated “single source” (non competitive contract awards) procurement of urgent goods and services made by public bodies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has investigated whether additional controls could improve procurement and safeguard transparency, public trust and value for money. It has developed a standard operating model on […]

The Observatory for Monitoring Data-Driven Responses to COVID-19 (OMDDAC)

About the project The Observatory for Monitoring Data-Driven Approaches to COVID-19 (OMDDAC) is a collaboration between Northumbria University & the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). OMDDAC researches data-driven approaches to COVID-19, with a focus on legal, ethical, policy and operational challenges. Studies have analysed key data-driven responses to Covid-19 and collated lessons learned throughout the pandemic […]