Cultural and Creative Industries

Arts and Humanities research during the pandemic has shown how the crisis is galvanising practitioners and stakeholders in the cultural sector to find new models for producing work and for reaching audiences. However, it has also exposed structural inequalities and exclusions for audiences and for the sector’s workforce.  

Technological innovations, including hybrid modes of digital and analogue production, and an increasing focus on local social and civic responsibility have the potential to support the sector’s economic sustainability, to widen public access to culture, and to build new audience communities.  We also have a deeper understanding about how the infrastructure of a local cultural ecology can support public health.

Findings reveal several implications for future arts and culture funding models and strategic priorities at the local, regional and national level. They also provide increased insight into the role that the cultural sector can play in driving place-based economic growth and recovery, and in helping build individual and community health and wellbeing

Additional skills and training are needed to support the sector’s ongoing transformation and adaptation.   

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