The Application of Motion-Capture Technology in Telematic and Virtual Dance Performance Through a Framework for Long-distance Remote Communication

About the project

This project involved the development, testing, and implementation of an open-source software tool for the real-time streaming of motion capture data. The Goldsmiths MoCap Streamer allowed dancers from different locations to meet and dance together in a shared virtual space, with a convincing sense of physical co-presence, direct interaction, and virtual touch.

The study demonstrated the practical and economic feasibility and acceptability of the tool. Research now continues with a project that aims to establish an international network for real-time remote dance collaboration.

Key policy recommendations include:

  • To enable continuing technological innovation, the cultural sector would benefit from the development of a space that can operate as a seedbed of technological innovation, free of corporate control. This will be enabled through development of and investment in a strong national platform and open infrastructure for immersive and interactive work in virtual spaces – a UK public service metaverse
  • Funding structures that allows larger established companies to make work and smaller-scale producers to create and share work using the platform.
  • Support for partnerships with UK games producers and virtual venue makers.

Principal Investigator

Dr Dan Strutt
(Goldsmiths, University of London)

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