Covid in Cartoons

About the project

Young people have faced very particular challenges during the pandemic, with some being left feeling very disempowered. Developing skills in political cartooning offers one way for people to make sense of their experience. Research findings suggest that the skills involved may have particular impact for those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Working with partners Shout Out UK and international organisation Cartooning for Peace, the interdisciplinary teams on this project have developed a mini course intended to help young people do this. Through the course, young people are encouraged to learn and use creative skills and develop their criticality, agency and feelings of belonging in the process.

Key policy recommendations include:

  • Develop cross-cutting curriculum options that acknowledge the complex nature of post-pandemic challenges facing young people. Include self-guided learning options and plan for apprenticeship pathways into the creative industries.
  • Create a youth policy development group with partners such as Shout Out UK to work with exam boards and others to embed required skills and practices in curriculum planning, delivery and assessment..

Principal Investigator

Dr Fransiska Louwagie
(University of Leicester)

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