Grassroots Visual Storytelling About Community Food Growing

About the project

In this project, participants in community food-growing initiatives made short films about their experiences during COVID-19. They learned methods for visual storytelling, filming and editing. Their films show that the pandemic created difficulties for food initiatives but stimulated co-operative efforts to sustain or expand them. Activities had helped provide benefits for health and wellbeing and bridged social differences of ethnicity, national origin and age.

Key policy recommendations include:

  • Community food growing initiatives should receive greater support from local authorities. Cross-cutting approaches could help address policy areas such as public health, education, food provision, land use planning, climate and nature conservation and community cohesion.
  • Societal benefits depend upon the involvement of experienced and skilled staff. Stable core-funding and training are needed to support this.

Principal Investigator

Dr Les Levidow
(Open University)



Policy Brief

Arts & Health and Wellbeing

Nature and Sustainability

Places and Communities


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