Information Design for Diagnostics: Ensuring Confidence and Accuracy for Home Testing

About the project

This research has investigated the design and ease of use of instructions for carrying out COVID-19 lateral flow tests at the point of use. Prototype sets of instructions were designed, working with users and test manufacturers and feedback has been incorporated into a set of guidance and recommendations. Although focused on current lateral flow rapid tests, the findings are widely applicable to any community-based testing technology.

Key policy recommendations include:

  • Promote the practice of preparing clear and easy-to-follow point of use instructions.
  • Encourage test manufacturers and suppliers to consider point-of-use instructions when creating documentation for their tests and support manufacturers and distributors in preparation of these to suit specific audiences and circumstances.
  • Implement user-centred design research and practice in producing instructional documentation for users.

Principal Investigator

Professor Sue Walker
(University of Reading)

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Policy Brief

Guidance, Messaging and Behaviour Change



testing user-centred design