Quality Improvement Tool for Re-designing Healthcare Service-User Journeys with COVID-19 Risk Assessment & Mitigation

About the project

This project is addressing some of the specific and complex decision-making challenges healthcare teams have faced during COVID.

A quality improvement tool has been developed to help healthcare teams to map out their healthcare system in real-time in a holistic way and understand these drivers of change and the opportunities for improvement. The tool has been prototyped and is being trialed and refined. The final version and supporting information will be made available through a web-based resource.

Key policy recommendations include:

  • Healthcare teams need tools to help them map and understand the impact of changes resulting from COVID-19 on their systems
  • Tools need to be developed with users, easy to understand and adapted for use in new online working environments

Principal Investigator

Professor Tom Inns
(University of Strathclyde)

UKRI Website

Policy Brief

Guidance, Messaging and Behaviour Change



decision-making healthcare NHS quality improvement workforce