Lex-Atlas COVID-19: A Comparative Study of National Legal Responses to COVID-19

About the project Lex-Atlas aimed to provide an integrated overview of national legal responses to COVID-19. It analysed how countries deployed emergency legislation within their constitutional and socio-political contexts and examined how different forms of disruption, or variations in social policy coverage and care of human rights ensued. It attempted a neutral account of the […]

The Covid-19 Review Observatory: Tracking Parliaments’ Performance in the UK during the Pandemic

About the project The Covid-19 Review Observatory records, tracks and assesses how parliaments across the UK have held governments to account for human rights protection during the pandemic. Focusing primarily on the making of legislation, regular opportunities for review and scrutiny (such as question time or scrutiny of delegated legislation), and ad hoc reviews (like […]

NHS Voices of COVID-19

About the project This project extends from the NHS at 70 project, to investigate, identify, and document the impacts of the pandemic on healthcare workers and patients. It was based on over 2,000 interviews, recorded remotely by volunteers, of NHS staff, clinical leaders, policy makers and patients. For policy makers The project illuminates the lived […]


Masking uncertainty on the bus: risk and responsibility after ‘freedom day’

By Emma Roe*, Paul Hurley*, Charlotte Veal** and Sandra Wilks***. Project: ‘Routes of infection, routes to safety: Creative mapping of human-viral behaviours on the bus to understand infection prevention practices’ On a day heralded by some, including members of the UK government before it took a more cautious tone[1], as ‘freedom day’, the Prime Minister, […]


A Human Rights Perspective on COVID-19 Triage

Covid-19 has forced governments and healthcare workers around the world to make difficult and painful decisions about whose care to prioritise and how. Arts and Humanities researchers provide vital insight and scrutiny into the ethical dimensions of these decisions. In this blog post Dr Vivek Bhatt, Postdoctoral Research Associate for the AHRC-funded project ‘Ensuring Respect […]


The Pandemic And Beyond: The Arts and Humanities Contribution To Covid-19 Research and Recovery

Reposted from the AHRC Arts and Minds Blog. It is a year since the UK government announced the first lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, arts and humanities researchers have contributed significantly to tackling some of the major challenges caused by the pandemic. A new two-year project, The Pandemic and Beyond: The Arts […]

Pandemic and Beyond Podcasts

The Pandemic and Beyond podcasts showcase the vital contribution that Arts and Humanities research has made to Covid-19 response and recovery. In each episode, a member of our team speaks to a project leader and someone that their project has had an impact on to find out about how their research is helping us deal […]


The Pandemic and Beyond brings together over 70 research projects in the Arts and Humanities that have examined the Covid-19 pandemic and are suggesting solutions to the urgent problems that have been created or exacerbated by the pandemic. We are a virtual hub where researchers, user groups, journalists and policymakers can meet, find out about […]