Skills and Training

Innovation and adaptation, including the move to digital, has been a feature of individual and organisational response to the pandemic across the arts and creative sector.  Arts and Humanities research exploring this has exposed a need for wide-ranging skills development and training in the cultural sector to support future inclusion and accessibility and to ensure […]

Places and Communities

The challenges of the pandemic have often demanded local and place-based responses that can speak directly to the needs of particular communities.  Through Arts and Humanities research, we now know more about the way in which local cultural ecologies and infrastructures function, including how these have been impacted by the crisis. Studies have emphasised the […]

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The pandemic has highlighted systemic inequalities across society. An interest in exploring and addressing these has been explicit in or threaded through many of the AHRC-funded COVID-19 studies.  Researchers have explored how public health messaging might better reach different communities. They have also shone a spotlight on experiences of racism for people working in the […]

Bridging Distance in the Creative Industries

Digital Performance This group of projects catalogues, analyses, and evaluates the tremendous advances in digital innovation, which artists and stakeholders in the creative industries have made during the pandemic. Analogue Performance and Creative Industry Structures These projects have examined how hybrid modes of performance, and new, more responsive structures in the creative industries, have offered […]

The Application of Motion-Capture Technology in Telematic and Virtual Dance Performance Through a Framework for Long-distance Remote Communication

About the project This project involved the development, testing, and implementation of an open-source software tool for the real-time streaming of motion capture data. The Goldsmiths MoCap Streamer allowed dancers from different locations to meet and dance together in a shared virtual space, with a convincing sense of physical co-presence, direct interaction, and virtual touch. […]


Research in the time of Covid-19: A conversation about the impact of Covid-19 on research methods between the Pandemic and Beyond and PRAXIS coordination projects.

This blogpost records synchronous and asynchronous conversations between Pascale Aebischer, of the Pandemic and Beyond coordination project, and Luba Pirgova-Morgan, who is examining the impact of Covid-19 on research in the Global Challenges Research Fund and the Newton portfolios, as part of the PRAXIS project at Leeds University.  Pascale:  We’re both of us working with a large number of researchers who […]


We are pleased to showcase three films that the Pandemic and Beyond have made in partnership with our resident filmmaker, Benedict Morrison. Each focuses on a key way that Arts and Humanities research has contributed to Covid-19 response and recovery. Coping Creatively This film reveals how five AHRC projects have explored the invaluable contribution that […]


Principal Investigator Pascale Aebischer Pascale Aebischer is Professor of Shakespeare and Early Modern Performance Studies at the University of Exeter. Her research concentrates on performances using a range of media, with a particular focus in recent years on digital performance and theatre broadcasts. She led the AHRC-funded Covid-19 project on Digital Theatre Transformation: A Case Study and […]


The Pandemic & Beyond team have conducted an empirical analysis of the 70+ projects of the AHRC Covid-19 portfolio, identifying thematic links between research projects and putting work into dialogue. We have identified four thematic clusters of Covid-19 research in the Arts and Humanities and you can read more about how this complements the broader […]


These pages bring together policy implications and recommendations emerging from studies within the Pandemic and Beyond portfolio. Follow themed links below for more information about individual studies and to download short policy briefing papers and other resources. Where possible, this information will be updated as findings emerge. The projects appearing on these pages are those […]