Redesigning PPE: Enhancing the comfort and safety of healthcare workers wearing isolation gowns to treat patients with COVID-19

Case Study During the pandemic surveys of nursing staff highlighted issues relating to the poor comfort, fit and durability of oversized, isolation gowns. The rudimentary design and fabrication of this personal protective equipment (PPE) was the result of a crisis-managed situation whereby the PPE industry, including new companies, adopted an unsustainable, ‘non-circular’ approach to meet […]

Distanced Arts: Investigating the design, delivery, and impacts of Entelechy Arts’ Staying Connected Programme

About the project Led by a research team at Queen Mary University London and Entelechy Arts, this research explored how a programme of remotely provided arts and creative activities provided through Entelechy Arts’ Staying Connected programme might mitigate the negative health and wellbeing impacts of the pandemic for older people. Programmes were co-created with participants. […]

Digital footprints and search pathways: Working with National Collections in Scotland during COVID-19 lockdown to design future online provision

About the project The pandemic was particularly damaging for Scotland’s many museums and galleries since many had undeveloped online infrastructures. This research undertook a longitudinal study of the digital footprints of users in two national collections – National Museums Scotland and National Galleries of Scotland over a 12 month period. It examined how people engaged […]

Co-design and implement a COVID-19 vaccine uptake intervention within Chinese Communities in England

About the project This project investigated the determinants of Chinese communities’ COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy, as well as the facilitators of vaccination uptake. The cross-disciplinary project team, including specialists in community-based research, communicative intervention design, health and strategic communication, who worked in partnership with Chinese communities in Greater Manchester and Leicester to co-design research that informed […]

Grading Gowns: Redesigning One-size PPE to Fit and Protect Female Health Workers More Effectively

About the project This research analysed the design and procurement of PPE (personal protective equipment) for the comfort and safety of healthcare workers. It identified a number of key issues relating to gown fabrication, length, fastenings, and intended wear that impeded safe use by healthcare workers, particularly women and women from ethnic minorities. It investigated […]

Quality Improvement Tool for Re-designing Healthcare Service-User Journeys with COVID-19 Risk Assessment & Mitigation

About the project This project is addressing some of the specific and complex decision-making challenges healthcare teams have faced during COVID. A quality improvement tool has been developed to help healthcare teams to map out their healthcare system in real-time in a holistic way and understand these drivers of change and the opportunities for improvement. […]

Information Design for Diagnostics: Ensuring Confidence and Accuracy for Home Testing

About the project This research has investigated the design and ease of use of instructions for carrying out COVID-19 lateral flow tests at the point of use. Prototype sets of instructions were designed, working with users and test manufacturers and feedback has been incorporated into a set of guidance and recommendations. Although focused on current […]

Culture in Crisis: Centre for Cultural Value’s COVID-19 research

Case Study In March 2020, it quickly became apparent that to realise the Centre of Cultural Value’s aim of developing a shared understanding of the differences that arts, culture, heritage and screen make to people’s lives and to society, we would need to carefully track the rapidly evolving impacts of the pandemic on the sector. […]

Case Studies

Combatting Gendered, Sexual and Online Harms and Risks During the COVID-19 Pandemic Developing Resources for Young People, Parents and Schools Professor Kaitlynn Mendes(University of Leicester) COVID-19 CARE Culture and the Arts, from Restriction to Enhancement: Protecting Mental Health in the Liverpool City Region Professor Josie Billington(University of Liverpool) Cultural Translation and Interpreting of COVID-19 Risks […]

The New Real: Trust and Acceptance in Networked Online Experience to Enable and Support Post-COVID-19 Recovery

About the project This research sought to experiment with new experiences for everyday living and for new practices, infrastructures and business models for the cultural sector in response to the challenges of COVID-19. Methods employed included a blend of futures design processes and collaborative co-creation. Projects have particular implications for understandings around the digital pivot […]