Coronavirus Discourses: Linguistic Evidence for Effective Public Health Messaging

About the project Understanding the flow and impact of messaging about the pandemic has been of major importance for managing public health responses during the crisis. Messaging about geographic borders and at-risk populations, including those from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds, proved key challenges for public health partners. This research examined the content and […]

Nature’s Way: Co-Creating Methods for Innovating Nature-based Solutions for Public Health and Green Recovery in a Post-COVID World

About the project COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of nature and natural environments, and these are also an emerging priority in post-COVID ‘building back greener’ urban agendas. Nature’s Way was an 18-month design research project on Nature based Solutions (NbS). It has explored how to empower communities to set up projects that can help connect […]

Models of equitable distribution of vaccines in international law

Case Study Our research project ‘Assessing the viability of access and benefit-sharing models of equitable distribution of vaccines in international law’ predicted that low-and-middle-income countries (LMICs) would receive significantly fewer vaccines, and receive them far later, than their developed country neighbours. We sought to understand why this is the case, and, crucially, to understand if […]


Cartoons and creative solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Youth perspectives for the future at the Forum for Global Challenges

Charlotte King and Fransiska Louwagie discuss the research collaborations thatĀ haveĀ informed a new education programme to help secondary students to make sense of their pandemic experiences through political cartooning. Blog written in collaboration with Sarah Weidman, Lucie Spicer and the broader Covid in Cartoons team and partners. The Covid in Cartoons team have worked with partners ShoutOutUK and Cartooning for Peace to develop a […]


Like a new beginning: a message of hope, inspiration and community from the Pandemic and Beyond Lived Experience Panel

Dr Karen Gray records the reflections of the Lived Experience Panel members, who have been helping shape Pandemic & Beyond’s approach to research and public engagement. They discuss contributing to ongoing, urgent research initiatives and what lies ahead for creative research. From its earliest moments, the Pandemic & Beyond team has benefitted from the skills […]


Pandemic & Beyond Response to Draft Terms of Reference for the UK COVID-19 Inquiry

Submitted 7 April 2022. This response to the COVID-19 inquiry draft terms of reference consultation is based on evidence drawn from a meta-analysis and ethics review of pandemic impact research, which has been jointly commissioned by the UK Pandemic Ethics Accelerator and Pandemic & Beyond, two UKRI/AHRC funded initiatives. The review is intended for submission […]

COJO for COVID Recovery: Solutions-focused Constructive Journalism as an Exit Strategy for the UK’s Local/Regional Communities

About the project COJO for Covid Recovery investigates whether and how solutions-focused constructive journalism (COJO) can help communities in the UK in their recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. Over 50 journalists working in local and regional outlets across the UK have been trained and mentored to produce a wide range of solutions-oriented stories on how […]

Communicating the Pandemic

About the project This project explored the challenges involved in communicating information effectively to all parts of the British population during the pandemic. A multi-wave nationally-representative survey collected data from UK adults during 2020. Analysis was able to identify distinct population groups and characterise them by differences in experience, values, attitude, and behaviour. Understanding of […]

UK Pandemic Ethics Accelerator

About the project This initiative brings UK ethics research expertise to bear on the multiple ongoing ethical challenges arising during pandemics. A partnership between the Universities of Oxford, Bristol, Edinburgh, University College London, and the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, it seeks to provide rapid evidence, guidance and critical analysis to decision-makers and to support public […]


The Pandemic And Beyond: The Arts and Humanities Contribution To Covid-19 Research and Recovery

Reposted from the AHRC Arts and Minds Blog. It is a year since the UK government announced the first lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, arts and humanities researchers have contributed significantly to tackling some of the major challenges caused by the pandemic. A new two-year project, The Pandemic and Beyond: The Arts […]