Digital Theatre Transformation: A Case Study and Digital Toolkit for Small to Mid-Scale Theatres in England

About the project This project provided a roadmap for local and regional theatre companies to enable them to develop new, more flexible ways of working to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on live theatre. It investigated, and drew lessons from, the success of Creation Theatre (Oxford) and Big Telly (Northern Ireland), both of which […]

Re-inventing the Live Event

About the project This project interrogated how artists can re-invent the live event in response to the new conditions of production and altered spacial dynamics of performance created by the pandemic. It involved quantitative and qualitative investigation of artist practice and audience engagement during a live events arts festival, organised and pursued followed Covid-19 restrictions, […]

Routes of Infection, Routes to Safety: Creative Mapping of Human-Viral Behaviours on the Bus to Understand Infection Prevention Practices

About the project Public transport use dropped during the pandemic, after government guidance advised against non-essential travel. This added to existing stigma about the dirtiness of buses. SARS-CoV-2’s invisibility to the naked eye, and inconsistencies in public scientific understanding, create challenges in how stakeholders communicate infection prevention and how bus users respond. Research for this […]

Information Design for Diagnostics: Ensuring Confidence and Accuracy for Home Testing

About the project This research has investigated the design and ease of use of instructions for carrying out COVID-19 lateral flow tests at the point of use. Prototype sets of instructions were designed, working with users and test manufacturers and feedback has been incorporated into a set of guidance and recommendations. Although focused on current […]

Responding to and Modelling the Impact of COVID-19 for Sheffield’s Cultural Ecology: A Case Study of Impact and Recovery

About the project This project gathered research data about the impact of COVID-19 on arts and cultural venues and organisations, audiences and freelancers in the Sheffield region. It comprised four studies, incorporating online quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews. The study revealed the economic impact of the pandemic on the sector in the region. Its findings […]

HEartS Professional: The Health, Economic, and Social Impact of COVID-19 on Professionals in the Arts

About the project This project has investigated the experience of arts professionals across the creative industries in response to COVID-19. Through longitudinal sector-wide surveys, audience questionnaires and qualitative follow-up studies, the research also sheds light on key challenges artists will face in a post-pandemic cultural environment. Findings explore financial and mental health challenges experienced by […]


Research in the time of Covid-19: A conversation about the impact of Covid-19 on research methods between the Pandemic and Beyond and PRAXIS coordination projects.

This blogpost records synchronous and asynchronous conversations between Pascale Aebischer, of the Pandemic and Beyond coordination project, and Luba Pirgova-Morgan, who is examining the impact of Covid-19 on research in the Global Challenges Research Fund and the Newton portfolios, as part of the PRAXIS project at Leeds University.  Pascale:  We’re both of us working with a large number of researchers who […]



By Richard Misek Digital Access to Arts and Culture Beyond Covid-19 The last 20 months have seen a widespread pivot within the UK’s theatre sector towards livestreamed, on-demand, and digitally native performances. During this time, well over half of all UK theatres and theatre companies have created artistic content for online audiences. But following the […]


The Arts and Humanities Contribution to Covid-19 Research and Recovery: a snapshot

by Pascale Aebischer, Des Fitzgerald, Sarah Hartley, Rachael Nicholas and Victoria Tischler In this blog post, we present a snapshot of what we have learned about the distinctive Arts and Humanities contribution to Covid-19 research and recovery and the positive impacts this research has had on society, culture, health and decision-making. The Pandemic and Beyond team has reached the end of the phase of work dedicated to bringing the researchers […]


Digital dissemination and visual communication in the time of COVID-19

Digital and visual communications are a crucial method in disseminating information during the COVID-19 pandemic. From slice-of-life diary pieces to public health information on guidance and symptoms, visual storytellers are using their platforms to share their stories and disseminate information. While digital platforms have the capacity to facilitate misinformation, they have also been utilised to […]